"there is work to do, a tear in the drapery"
Joanna Sondheim

there is work to do, a tear in the drapery.


                if there is sun on the other side, and the animals that appear.

                H. might alert a stampede, he might sit and drill holes in the frozen lake.


H. watched I didn’t leave, and so walk circles near the window.

notice things moving in the grass below, notice the grass below is moving.



where the whistling originates, a wind tunnel, or:

the slippery tide in the hallways,


                                ,,.one got loose in the drawing room, I follow

the fingers that brush my cheek,

Vera’s laughter, hasten in bolting the shutters.




there was one morning, H. watched the dog shivering in the corner,

a city park that is close by has flooded, H. watched damp birds in the window.


                I dream that the house has been haunted, wake to find colors above my bed

inside of a sweet thrill, V. snaps her fingers and dances in a surrounding room.