A Perspective View of The Hague, a celebrated Town in Holland
David Goldstein

Birds or incoming aircraft overhead.

To survive as a tuft of disheveled hair,

as a lady the size of a soul

if the soul were a penny.

To survive as a limpet, which is to survive

with one’s whole being.


The engraving has a mandolin on its roof

preventing your third skin

from escaping. Let the world

wag as it will, says the boatman,

his voice muffled beneath afternoon.


One of the people inside me

is behind a column in the picture.

In the new country he was a charioteer

whose head ends in a tree.


The place: Perspective.

The time: Trapped sky in the form of canal water.

The scene: The clock in the back of the deserted house.


On the border you will find the part of yourself

played by a gray wreath.