Harp & Altar
Jason Michael Bacasa
from There Was Electricity

Lynn Crawford

Elise Harris

Norman Lock
from Pieces for Small Orchestra

Eugene Marten

Miranda Mellis

A General View of Paris, the Capital of France, taken from an eminence in the Village of Chaillot
David Goldstein

A charming rococo piece,

quite in the mood, if not the style,

of a child’s tarred head.


The supreme refinement,

the threshold, the eminence,

the bone spur of Chaillot.


(The Seine finds nothing familiar.

The pillow creeps into its ark.

How could you not understand me?

Between us lay only the dark.)


I am standing in Chaillot

on an eminence,

in the open air of my blank gaze.


I have journeyed (formal) the scholiast’s journey

and now I see (bang) the Universal System

that was called upon to hang a lock on my lips.


In the foreplay a monsieur and his deux dames

return from the branching-off place.

The afternoon haughtily holds its clouds.


From the background the dark garden

surges up.

Inspectors cannot always watch us.