Harp & Altar
Jason Michael Bacasa
from There Was Electricity

Lynn Crawford

Elise Harris

Norman Lock
from Pieces for Small Orchestra

Eugene Marten

Miranda Mellis

"The war light"
Mathias Svalina

The war light

shines thief in the machine,


always ending

in a hanging.


Dock the cotton

in war night.


The zoo is dire:

it hurts

the light.


Was one Susan

the wharf?


Was the sister

nearby, silent?


The shriek startles

the boulders, sunning


the ferns

& summit.


When diesel stains ether,

the viral lease,

the verses we hear


are nevers. A hump of days

wound round the altar,


the inseam of a scarecrow.

Behave, weary,


chiseled & white.