Harp & Altar
Edmond Caldwell

Susan Daitch

Luca Dipierro

Craig Foltz

A.D. Jameson

Matthew Kirkpatrick

Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi

Lucy Parsons
Jared White

Sorry for logic. The lyncherman lynches everyone equally. But at least some of the time, he has to be thinking, I am just like them. The skin on the arm would start spotting. Instead of nicknames there would be noms-de-plume and euphemisms. That tickled. You could map a grid onto it. XYZ means you examine your zipper. People are more or less distances. The X you are walking towards. What difference would it make if you told everyone a date and time. All the heavens would be no different. In one you can see just as far up the women’s trousers. A plenitude of gaseous entities. You try to look away from these accidents, politely, but it slows you down.