Harp & Altar
Jason Michael Bacasa
from There Was Electricity

Lynn Crawford

Elise Harris

Norman Lock
from Pieces for Small Orchestra

Eugene Marten

Miranda Mellis

Jason Michael Bacasa

The glass ones were used to walk in and out of winter. The bronze brought you out at the bottom of the sea.


Arthur sat on the curb all afternoon. Nobody seemed to want to go anywhere that day. He lowered and lowered the prices. Then the first lightning bug appeared on the lawn.


“I just don’t understand why somebody wouldn’t want to come out of a pianist’s mouth.”


The children were allowed to eat almost anything from the garden. One girl stuffed her face with jam. Another boy tried to save a life with a lollipop.

“Do you think the tulips are sharp enough to cut the inside of your mouth? Kenny?”

“He would never do that. And if he would, he wouldn’t be eating them. Stupid.”


Kenny was now missing. He had lost him shortly after they entered the color blue.

“I quit.”

“You can’t quit. Then we’ll both die.”

“I just don’t understand the game anymore. Or how we’re supposed to win?”

“What don’t you understand about it?”

Kenny shook his head. Arthur planned the escape.