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Glossary of Terms Needing Further Clarification

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Glossary of Terms Needing Further Clarification
Matthew Kirkpatrick

AA: Ascending the Allegheny Mountains. Sitting by a window in Noah’s Ark, formerly the S.S. Grand View Point Hotel, looking out over the valley, able to spot seven counties and three states.

AA: Alcoholics Anonymous is founded on June 10, 1935.

AA: Cracked glass and vines and twenty pink leather cocktail chairs on their sides. A blue vase, a curtain. A shredded curtain.

AA: On July 1, 1979, he forces himself head first down an eight-inch wide hole in the backyard of his aging mother and father. Like a worm he pushes first his head and then his body into the earth and slithers into darkness.

AA: Here he enjoys his last drink on June 10, 1978.

AA: Competes on television game shows and eats adult foods to the astonishment of audiences.

AA: Ends career by demonstrating a one-handed bra unhooking on a morning talk show.

AA: On July 1, 1981.

AA: Ascending the Allegheny Mountains at night. No radio stations, only the sound of no one speaking. Only broken light from headlights passing and the dashboard. Make this night forever.

AAA: The American Association of Aphorisms is founded on July 10, 1950. Lost time is never found again. A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

AAA: The American Association of Advertising Agencies is founded on July 10, 1917.

AAA: The American Automobile Association is founded on June 4, 1902, in Cleveland, OH, and is responsible for the invention of.

AAA: Headlights around a traffic circle. A faint and distant ring system. A circle of cigarettes smoked. An empty cup coffee-stained brown.

AAA: A misplaced folder of photographs.

AAA: The Agricultural Adjustment Act of June 12, 1933, restricted farmers by reducing them, cropping them to raise their surplus value, thereby relative farmers.

AAAA: Smaller than AAA.

AAAA: He did ask her to dance and she did say no. It is more complicated. He sees her first at an all-ages punk show at the Ebensburg Pennsylvania Fire Hall. She is wearing a tight black dress and smiles at him, lifting the edge of her hem to reveal the top of her thigh-high black and white striped tights. Her hair is bleached and straight. She looks like a hot witch.

AAAAA: Ascend the mountain.

Aircraft Carriers: A unique aircraft carrier.

Airships: Rigid airships. Shenandoah (crashed), R38 (crashed), Los Angeles (decommissioned), Akron (crashed), Macon (crashed).

Akron, OH: On June 12, 1978, the “City of Angels” burned to the reduction of artificial application of water to the soil.

Akron, OH: Forty miles east of Akron, OH, in a forest on a hill.

Akureyri: Show me cold water flowing and

Alan Alda: Badly burned on June 1, 1980, while freebasing cocaine.

Alan Alda: A sinkhole opens in a valley to one black cavern glistening. Cold black water glistens.

Altoona, PA: The demand for locomotives during the Civil War stimulated much of this growth, and by the later years of the war, a valuable city. Downtown Altoona is notable for having several churches. Crumble into dust. See also Robitussin.

Ann Arbor Railroad: Founded on June 1, 1997, the Ann Arbor Railroad is the largest in the United States and connects the towns.

Amusements: An empty box falls from the top of a dresser. Frays of paper like streamers fall from the box onto the floor. Below the floor a single bent nail falls from a floor joist onto the basement floor.

Archaeopteryx: The First Bird.

Athletics: Despite being a goth she is an excellent synchronized swimmer.

BB: He asks her to dance but she keeps singing, the tips of her fingers on the edge of her hem.

BB: The world's first uniformed youth organization.

BB: Combines drills and fun activities with values. Habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect towards projectiles. After the birdshot pellet of approximately the same size.

BB: Four teacups full of dirt stacked in a row on a wooden shelf, a bare brick wall behind them.

BB: Strategic trackage in Central Virginia.

B and B: Equal parts Benedictine and cognac. Founded on June 25, 1924, with offices in Liberty, Salisbury, and Fulton.

BBB: A defect heart’s membranic conduction system structure which acts primarily to protect the blood brain from brain chemicals in the blood a defect of the heart's electrical conduction system.

BBB: Founded on June 25, 1912. Not a government but an effective network undertaking long distance migrations. Many more perform shorter irregular movements. Communicates using signals, including cooperative breeding and mobbing of predators. Usually, disputes can be resolved through mediation; the vast majority are socially monogamous, usually for one breeding season, sometimes for years.

BBB: Rarely for life.

BBB: Columns, a car, a broom.

BBB: Others have breeding systems that are polygynous (“many females”) or, rarely, polyandrous (“many males”). Complaints about the practice of professions like medicine, law and accounting are usually not handled by eggs laid in a nest and often incubated. The organization’s dispute resolution procedures are established by a council of locals, and implemented by locals. When appropriate, low or no-cost arbitration may also be offered and provided by regulating associations.

Barberry: A flowering shrub.

Bee: A fundamental light system is a modern aircraft in that it controls the navigation.

Bird: Somewhere.

Bird: Cage wires and falls through trees, falling, shattering.

Bramble: On their backs in the warm sand looking at the night sky he touches her hand.

Brine: Analyses using high-spatial-resolution hyperspectral imaging. Damaged concrete.

Bulldozer: Breaking curfew they drive deep into the sinking valley, the ground rolling like soft waves of water. Gentle motion.

Business: Popular railroading marvel. In 1986, high on Robitussin, three teenagers manage to derail a train by removing a section of track with crowbars.

CC: A pool of light gathers in the gray space.

CC: Everything has turned to dust.

CCC: Prepaid cellphone, a box of lawnmower parts, a bag of live crickets, cricket habitat.

CCC: Resembles the source of a large, steep sided far side. Is an opening.

Cambria: Fantasy Forest, Storybook Forest, Fairytale Forest, Forest Zoo, The Fairytale Tavern, Fantasy Mountain Cocktail Lounge, The Forest Lounge. The Old Woman’s Shoe Cocktail Lounge and Inn. Gas station shaped like tea kettle. Gas station shaped like elephant. Wooden teeth museum. Elephant collectable museum. Taxidermy museum. Hotel shaped like ark. Bar shaped like old woman’s shoe. Hotel built inside railroad caboose. Convenience stores.

Cambridge, MA: A private institution of higher learning in Cambridge, MA. Also: Ex-Junkie (one dog). Fifteen active junkies crowded into a bungalow (dog lovers, but no dog). Six junkies, three dogs, nightly bonfires, a jeep.

Cleveland, OH: Cleveland, OH, was the site of the first nuclear detonation on July 16, 1945.

Crack Lung: Symptoms include numbness and burning and waking at night. Can be managed effectively with night-time wrist splinting. The index finger, the middle finger, the ring finger, the thumb, the little finger. Sometimes the palm. Sometimes other fingers as well.

Crickets: Somewhat have bodies. Insects somewhat related to grasshoppers and more closely related to katydids or. Somewhat have flattened bodies. Crickets in a cricket habitat chirp pleasant cricketing all night and bring the deepest sleep.

Crickets: Invention of beer. Invention of zipper. First known baseball. First steam ferry. Demonstration of steam locomotive. First electrified commuter train. Invention (accidental) of soft ice cream. First automated parking garage. First sandwich restaurant. First public central air conditioning. First wireless phone system. Invention of toast. Invention of oranges. Invention of the color orange. Home of the waffle cone. Here on a hill he asks her to marry him. A cricket pleasant on his leg. The hazy sky. Neither of them actually tremble. Sunbathers bathe on every green inch. So many they could walk across the river, sailboat to sailboat. The elderly and infirm drop dead.

CWRY: Main office in Wilroy.

D: Founded in June.

D: The trunk of an abandoned Buick full of bungee cords and jumper cables and ten feet of thick chain and two old tires shredded into thin strips of rubber ignites.

D: We sit in the car in darkness and wait.

DD: Founded in 1951.